Monday, November 1, 2010

October Week 5

Wow...I think some one is way too excited about the future... Okay i am excited too, but I have way to much to do to even think about that kind of stuff, I am going to zone leaders council today, and will not get back until wednesday, and then on monday next week I will be going to Coimbitore for exchanges with a few of my Missionaries there and that will be for a few days since its like a six hour train ride to Coimbitore from Chennai... Oh what fun it is to ride and Indian train for six hours, I lucked out and was hooked up with some really good tickets, which means I don't have to sweat the whole way there. (thank you members of the church)
Well things are Awesome here in good old Chennai, we are really working hard, and really spreading our wings from just focusing all of our efforts on one specific place, we are really getting to know the Area, and working on really using the members, for some reason the last set of Elders where not really using the members on exchanges, or ever using them for any kind of work. It is such a fun thing to visit with the members and to really work with them, I love spending the time with them, they all have just such strong Testimonies, since more that 80 percent of the members are all converts.
We are going to go and see some of my converts today, I am so excited to see Usha, Rechella and Anto, they are not in my area, but we got permission to go, so we will be going before I go to Bangalore today. Lunch... Mmmmmmm I love the food here so much, I might just have to move back... ;)

Well I just want you to all know that I am so thankful for the Examples that all of you have been to me. I have been so grateful for all that you have done for me, I have been able to in one way or another use something that all of you have taught me. I use them every day and have been ever so blessed because of it. There are some that have no Idea how much they have caused a change not only in my heart, but in the hearts of hundreds in India. That is not an exaggeration. I Know that this is truly the lords kingdom on earth, I know that it was restored through the Prophet Joseph Smith in 1830 I know that because of that we have the understanding of god and his Eternal plan for all of us. I know that his plan is perfect, and that what ever happens in our lives it is for the betterment of our selves. I know that the book of Mormon is the word of God, and that the spirit that it brings is so Powerful that no one can second guess, if they read it with a heart that hears and Ears that Feel. I am so thankful for all that that means. I know that the words in the book of Mormon where written for us in this time and if we use them and it EVERY DAY that we will "be able to know all things which we should do" 2 Nephi 32:3 I know that there is "no other way nor name given under heaven whereby salvation can come except in and through the name of Christ." Mosiah 3:19 I also know that god is watching over all of us, he knows we are here, and that he know's our needs and our wants, and I know that he pulls all kind of strings, and that miricals are not over. He is a god of power, and when we show our faith, all things are possible.
I love you all and am so happy that your happy. With all my Love
Elder Colton Frederick

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