Wednesday, February 3, 2010

February '10 Week 1

Oh man that is sweet about Amelia!! and Rod and Judy!! that's so cool, I am so excited to hear about that, I cant wait to hear about how much fun their having!!
Mom, I have been thinking about the Family history stuff, I am so glad that you have the Patience to do that, your in my prayers, I probably would have thrown the computer!! just Kidding! But good luck, I am kind of interested to see how it works more when I get home because no one hear even remembers their own birthday! let alone their parents or grandparents. I think that it would be interesting to check that out.
Well mom, I wish that I could send you a little sunshine from India, but one ray would probably cause an instant Melt!! its getting hot again, good old weather in India.
Klynton!! hey bro, good luck with the snowboarding stuff, I hope that your rocking the 720's when I get home!! then you have to teach me!!!
Well I am glad to hear that all of you are doing great, I am just trying to Rock KGF!! we just set two more people with baptism for the 27th of February. Its a father and a daughter, they are way awesome we really feel good about them, they are a part member family who are just so happy that we are coming and teaching!!!
Well there isnt really any funny stories this week, just trying to get back to work after Zone Conference, and a baptism, one neat thing though is we are going to start to try to do Baptisms on Saturday instead of Sundays after church, so hopefully it will go through and we can start to have more spiritual baptisms!
Its kind of interesting at how a days studies and how a day can be centered on one thing all day, something that has been really focused on for me the last little while is keeping our heads high and focused on the lords kingdom, in speaking about goals, we need to focus on the things that we want, and keep working for it, sometimes things make us look down from our goal, and we start to lose track of it, so for all of us, just keep your heads high, and focused on your goal of the Celestial kingdom, and don't loose sight on that goal, I know that's a bit easier said then done, but I know it works.
I love you all and I am so grateful for all of you and your help in bringing me up to the person I am now, I know that the lord is watching over all of you and he wants to help you.
I know that Jesus Christ lives and loves each one of you, I know that he truly atoned for our sins, and that he did that so that we could come back and live with him in our Heavenly fathers Kingdom. I know with out a doubt that "By small and simple things, great things come to pass" I know that Joseph Smith was Selected by God to restore his True and living Church, and that it is being led today by a Living a Righteous Prophet who is supported by twelve living Apostles.
I know that this is the lords true church and that it is truly built upon the strongest foundation that could ever be built, I also know that the book of Mormon is the word of god, and that by reading it we can receive true and real revelation for our own lives.
I love you all and am so glad that you all are doing well, your all in my prayers

Elder Colton James Frederick

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